New user demo: RELATIVITY by Freddie Smith

Just added to our [b][url=]VDL:2 User Demos Page[/url][/b] is a new indoor percussion ensemble recording by Freddie Smith titled, [b][i]Relativity[/i][/b]. Freddie's done an outstanding job at utilizing a wide range of percussion instruments from VDL:2 and created a piece with many layers of creativity.

Fred is currently studying at the Berklee College of Music and is a former snare drummer with the Santa Clara Vanguard. Great work Freddie!!

You can access the recording directly at this link:

Great work Freddie!
nice work- I especially like the bass guitar and timpani writing
Yeah!!�� Nice job Freddie!!�� Great textures!!.�� Good job with the aux writing also!!
How did you incorporate Synth sounds? 
I did all my sequencing in DP 4.6 and I used Kontakt for the bass and synth parts.  I hear kontakt 2 is outstanding and has alot more functions and sounds to mess with.

Thanks everyone, I'm very glad you all liked it. 
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