Anybody got a map of the sounds and their noteheads?

I was wondering if anybody has a map  of say the various sounds and their corresponding noteheads in Sibelius. I always seem to find my self searching through the Staff edit dialog to figure out which number notehead corresponds to the sound I am looking for.

I realize that this could be a stupid question too... I may just be doing this bassakward ... if you know what I mean!

Sorry ,
maybe I should add that I know part of the answer is in the user manual ... but those confounded noteheads are so crammed in the Staff edit view !
Are you using the templates?

That's part of the problem ... they have put so much into the staffs and I find myself constantly jumping back and forth to find what is the right hand dreadlock vs. the left hand dreadlock noteheads (for example) .... maybe I am doing something wrong but I was wondering if somebody had done a kinda keymap for the appropriate note head in the staff and the corresponding sound.

Most of these are mapped out in the manual and illustrated on the keyboard.

Ted Boliske
Actually, I think what he's asking is for a reference that tells which notehead number (in the sibelius staff type) corresponds to which VDL2sound.

The way Sibelius approaches percussion mapping is a little tricky. Basically, a staff line (or space) can not share two noteheads of the same number. For this reason, several ";new"; noteheads had to be created. Granted they look identical to standard noteheads, they are indeed viewed as ";different"; since they're assigned a different notehead number.

Bill Castillo and Ted Wheeler did the honors of building these in a very painstaking manner, though we haven't created a reference such as what you're looking for. What I might suggest is creating a ";legend"; by entering in one quarter note of every mapped sound in a particular instrument. Once you've done this, you can easily tell which notehead you're looking at by clicking on it, and viewing the notehead assignment in the ";notes"; portion of the ";properties"; window. This window is layed out slightly different from Sib3 to Sib4, but it's the pulldown menu at the top of the ";notes"; section.
I didn't read thet question that way, but once you brought up I can see how it could be asked that way. The suggestion for a key map or legend makes sense and is something I add at the beginning of any music I send out. It's a lot easier than writing in the different sounds/articulations/etc. over every note.

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