Lost in a midi world!

I hate to be that guy, butI have a midi keyboard, everything works okay but I am completely lost otherwise. For example, when notating for a rack, if I want a brake drum how do I get it to play/display with out all the ledgerlines? How do I get rh vs lh to play/display? I imagine these are all sibelius 4 questions but there's nothing on their help center that I could find. Could any of you point me in the right direction?
Well, we didn't create a map for the brake drum.  But, if you use Rack Combo A, there is a map for that as well as the brake drum.

Not sure what you mean by rh vs lh to play/display.  What instrument?  For snares, you'd want to make sure you have the full or lite library loaded.  rh and lh are g#5 and f#5 respectively.  It won't put the letter in under the staff, you need to add that yourself.
I guess what I'm asking is, can you make the (for example snare) notation be all on the same line without having to notate it f# and g#.? And as far as the brake drum, on the rack, it is a f2 or something so on a staff that has a lot of ledger lines. Is there a different notation I can use that will get rid of the ledger lines?
It sounds like you're not using the templates from https://www.tapspace.com/updates/ when writing.
You must use the VDL2 Sibelius template (which contains countless percussion staff types) to set the ";staff type"; of the instrument you're writing for.

The ";Read Me First"; sheet in your VDL2 packaging points out the necessity of templates, and there's some brief text in the template (score) itself that tells you how to set staff types in Sibelius. Of course, more info on Sibelius staff types can be found in the Sibelius documentation as well.
I figured it out. I'm an idiot! So sorry guys. I appreciate the help!
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