multi-instrument staves and snare drum line

I have two questions now that I'm a little more experienced with the program. First, how do I change instruments within a part ie have the rack part switch to BD/Tam Tam? And second, how do I put the full snare line on the C line (in treble) as opposed to A? Thank you very much.

oh and forgot to mention I'm using Sibelius 4.

Are you using Kontakt 2 or the Kontakt player that installs with VDL:2?  With Kontakt 2 you can create banks for instruments assigned to one channel  and switch using midi commands and Technique text as well as a staff type change.  With the player only, which doesn't support channel switching, create a different staff that is assigned to a different channel.  You may want to consider creating two files by copying and pasting, one for audio (with different staves, etc.) and one that you print out (with combined staves) and give to your musicians. 

As far as you other question.  You can, but it would take a ton of work.  Changing that would involve editing the entire VDL:2 snare staff type.  There are so many noteheads assigned to each of the spaces and lines on the staff that the chances of mixing it up or making a mistake would be great.

HTH, once the gurus get back from PASIC, I am sure they will have more helpful suggestions.

Gabe Cobas
Gabe, you pretty much nailed it.�� The beautiful thing about K2 is the fact that you can create an instrument bank and change from one instrument to another mid-score on the same staff.�� Also using Sibelius, you can switch staff types to correspond with the bank change.

You're also right about having to re-map the whole snare template.�� I did the templates the way they are to allow plenty of room for all of the sounds and to make it easier for the reader to go ";oh, a notehead on the C space, that's a solo snare";.
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