Sibelius and VDL2 notation confusion

I wrote a simple bd rhythm on sibelius 3 where my bass 5 note would be on 1st space and bass 1 note on space on top of staff. The vdl2 sounds have me looking at my bass 5 sound way above the staff on sibelius. what to do? Also my yamaha djx keyboard which is connected to midisport then laptop doesn't show manual keyboard input of notes on a sibelius score.don't understand.
Are you using the VDL template for Sibelius, and do you have the right staff type/instrument loaded?
I have the template. loaded the sounds. but the notes I've put in are taking forever to playback. It's like one note every 15 seconds. I'm using a Dell Latitude Laptop.
Using the template, be sure you are entering the notes with your midi keyboard. It should be set as the ";input device"; in Sibelius (it may show up as the ";midisport"; rather than the actual yamaha keyboard). Don't enter the note where you want to SEE it - rather, enter the actual MIDI PITCH with the midi keyboard (refer to the keymap in the user guide). Doing this, the mapping in the template should place the note on the correct staff line. If not, you may want to double check what ";staff type"; is assigned to that staff (by default, the bassline staff is set to ";VDL2 Bassline Full/Lite";), and that this is the SAME instrument that's loaded into VDL2.
let me get this right, all notes should be input directly from midi keyboard and not through the sibelius note window, 'cause that's how I did it. I got down four bars of sn,tenor,bd,and cymbals with sounds. I did a playback to hear it. I liked the way it sounded but as I stopped it after the four bars ended, the windows hourglass popped up and suspended sibelius for about 2-3 minutes before I could imput again. this time I was using my home cpu which has 160gb and 7200rpm hard drive. what to do?
Correct.  To ensure that you are hearing the correct sound at all times, it's best to use your midi keyboard.  For example, even though the right and left hand regular snare hits appear to be the same note head, if you pull up the properties window, you will see that right hand is notehead 0 and left hand is notedhead 8.
ok, I got the keyboard,midisport working where as sounds and notes are being imput through the template without the windows hourglass freezing. but I still don't understand that, as I'm pushing the keys from my keyboard, it doesn't show on the score. I was still using  Sibelius to input notes on to vdl2 template instead of keyboard.
It sounds like you are struggling with some basic Sibelius functionality. Refer to your Sibelius user guide and read about ";Step Time Input";.
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