Good evening eveyrone!

I wanted to share with all of the VDL 1 and 2 users that I
had the opportunity to visit with Jim and Bill Castillo
at PASIC.  I found their patience and ability to address
my several suggestions and questions, beyond the call
of duty.  I also found sincerely heartening their desire to hear
about what we, the users, think about the Virtual Drumline
and what we, as users, need from that product as arrangers.  Lest you
think I have a stake in the company:-), my only reason for writing
is to encourage those of you who are having problems to be patient;
use the forum; and e-mail helpful folks like Bill Castillo.  As
someone who is not adept at technology, I found Jim's
support and assistance, as well as that of the Forum, to be
crucial in helping me engage and conquer the learning curve
required in using the Virtual Drumline.  It was quite worth the effort,
and I still have so much to learn.  In this day and age when all you get
are lengthy voice mesage systems, it's comforting to know such a
decent and genuinely interested fellow stands behind his product
and wants us to be able to benefit from all it has to offer.    Hang in
there, use the forum; and enjoy all VDL 1 and 2 have to offer!

Thanks Jim and Bill for taking time out of your very busy convention
responsibilities to help me with my many questions and suggestions.

Neal Flum
Associate Director of Athletic Bands
The University of Alabama
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It was great to finally get to put a face with the name.  Your ideas are good ones and while I can't speak for Jim, I'm certainly open to help out where I can to make a great product even greater.  It was nice to talk to users of VDL:2 face to face to hear some input for once.  Usually we get hammered with people that just want to see Jim's music or hear the cool sounds and while I don't mind giving demo's, I'd much rather talk with people about it and get input.

Hope all is well, and let me know if you're still interested in bringing me in for a clinic or weekend of learning.
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