Solo Mylar keymap problem

Is the Snare Solo Mylar keymap (Page 41 of VDL:2  User Guide) correct?  I don't think it is.  In my guide it is exactly the same as the SnareLine Full keymap on page 38, including things like metronome click, vocal ";dut";, and Hi Hat sounds.  These are not the same sounds as appear in the Kontact player.  Can someone post the correct keymap for this instrument?  Thanks. 

FYI, I searched the forum for this topic in case it had been previously addressed.
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WOW!�� Who proofed this book before it was printed?�� Oh wait, I did.�� Not sure how that one slipped past me but it did.
Shoot me an email to and I'll get you a copy of the correct map.
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