VDL2 and Kontakt Gold

Well im going to upgrade from Sibelius 2 to 4 (with Kontakt gold). Its nice how kontakt includes basic marching toms and bass sounds, but why in the world not marching snare drum??? well since I do alot of writing for marching bands I am looking into VDL2. When I playback on sibelius 4 will I be able to hear sounds from Kontakt Gold (wind instruments) AND percussion sounds from VDL2?? or can I only have one or the other??? anybody help or suggestions will be appreciated, since im not a wiz on computers.
I feel your pain. We recommended they include marching snare as well, but those who make such decisions don't necessarily understand the sonic differences between marching snare vs. drum set snare. We tried. Keep in mind, the marching BD and Tom sounds included in Kontakt Gold are from VDL1, however don't include RH/LH hits or all the variability in sounds (shots, rims, buzzes, etc). It's actually very limited if using for marching percussion.

Your main question has an easy answer. Yes. You can route wind sounds through KP Gold by selecting ";Kontakt Player"; for the ";device"; for those staves within the Sibelius mixer. Percussion staves would be set to your ";virtual midi cable"; that routes to VDL2 which would be running in the background. The ";virtual midi cable"; concept is discussed in the VDL2 user guide.

Good luck!
Yes, you can use Kontakt Player Gold and Kontakt Player for VDL:2 at the same time with no problem.
Just a thought, but if you're already going to use samplers, you may want to consider something like EW Silver instead of playing for Gold.  Also, there will be a GPO option for Sib, so choose wisely.
Thanks alot guys
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