Announcing VDLMidi - software input for Mac OS X


I've just posted the first version of VDLMidi - a freeware software input device for Mac OS X 10.4 ('Tiger'). It makes it easier to input percussion sounds without the need for a MIDI keyboard, by showing a list of the available sounds and allowing you to click them to input notes.

I hope you will find it useful for any work that you do with Virtual Drumline 2. I have tested it with Sibelius 4 (which is what I use), and I expect that it should work with Finale and other apps as well. Please let me know if you find things that do or do not work in other applications.

There are plenty of things left to do - such as adding the rest of the keymaps (it currently has snare, tenor, bass, cymbals, and a few others).

Jim has been very supportive in my efforts to make this happen, but it's not an official app from Tapspace, so please send any problems to me. (vdlmidi at gmail)

Corey Peterson

This follows from my post in this thread:
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[quote author=Corey Peterson link=topic=867.msg3477#msg3477 date=1132170825]
BTW, has anyone tried the app with Finale? I'm really curious to know if it works :)


I have been able to get the app to work with Finale 06. Because the app window is open along with Finale, changing note values for entry is a bit awkward. I'll try it with FIN05 in a day or so and report bakc.


It does not seem to work with FIN05. I've been able to get it to work with FIN06 using the VDL AU. The only real ";issue"; is that the app seems to want to be ";out front"; meaning I have to keep clicking back into the FIN window to change note values and then back to VDLMidi to start entering notes. AS Jim stated, it would be great for situations when a keyboard is not possible. It just is a bit cumbersome for me to use at the moment. I'll keep working with it and see if there's something I'm missing.


I just posted a new version of the application, which you can get from the usual page:

Here's what's new in version 1.0.1:[list]
[li]now runs on 10.3.9 (I previously had different versions for 10.3.9 and 10.4, now they are combined)[/li]
[li]added the remaining keymaps[/li]
[li]added controls for changing the channel, volume, and mod wheel�� settings[/li]
[li]added a column to show the note values for note types[/li]
[li]fixed some errors in older keymaps[/li]

Let me know if you run into any problems, or have any requests[list]
Corey - I just had a chance to check out your latest version. It's GREAT!

All the additional keymaps make this virtually a one-stop shop for entering pitches this way. Plus the new ";configure"; drawer with velocity and mod-wheel controls is really handy for auditioning sounds! Outstanding stuff Corey!! Thanks for applying your obvious creative and technical expertise on this wonderful VDL2 companion!
I love this product! Great job in its development!

I acctually prefer this form on input for the batter because I can just search for what I want to input instead of looking it up in the VDL2 book.

One problem I have is that it doesn't notate the cymbol stuff on Vibes/marimba correctly. Are there plans to fix this?
I'm a bit swamped with a Winter Percussion camp for the next few days, but I'll try to get it fixed in the next week or so. Thanks for the note!

Also, if you're notating cymbal stuff using the Vibe/Mar sus cyms, be sure to create the proper staff type change prior to entering those notes. (Create>Other>Staff Type Change>Percussion> VDL:2 SusCym Vibes for example). It's best to do this about a bar before you enter the part, then enter the part, and if there are any pitched parts that bleed into the new staff type, you can drag the staff type handle over to the right once the notes are entered.
Hey Jim,

      I tried doing the staff change, but it still notates the cymbol stuff way up in the sky, the only thing that the staff change did was decrese the number of Lines on the staff, makes my red notes black, and make the stems go up instead of down.

Any suggestions?
Be sure you are selecting the correct ";staff type";. If you don't, it won't map properly. If you are doing this on a vibraphone staff, and want to use the sus cyms included in the Vibe instruments, be sure to change the staff type to ";VDL:2 Vibes Sus Cym";. Again, do this BEFORE you enter the cymbal notes (preferably a bar before).

There's also some glitches in regard to the clef, but they're a little tricky to describe. Are you seeing this behavior on vibe staves as well as marimbas? You may find that changing to a percussion clef prior to the cymbal part may also affect how the notes display. First things first though, make sure the cymbal notes entered are entering with a correct notehead (usually triangles or ";x"; noteheads). If that's not happening, your ";staff type change"; hasn't been accomplished properly.
Awesome program... I'm going to be riding a public bus to classes and I couldn't imagine a better portable solution.

Some things that would be nice though:
Smart MIDI Channels (if you set tenors to channel 2, it stays on channel 2 unless you change it)
Easier way to find instruments (Something similar to VDL's LOAD menu in the Kontakt player)
Editable quick list for instruments (little buttons under the drop down menu for repetitive access)

Thanks for such a great product and i'll be sure to mention any problems or perks that would be nice. Peace...
This is a wicked cool thing!  Thanks!

Cute kid Fliggity
Is this program compatible with VDL 2.5?
I was wondering the same thing.  I downloaded it and still have yet to figure out how to make it keep in mind, I have only put about 2 hours into it, but nevertheless, I can't make it work.  Anyone have some advice?
It was designed for the older versions of VDL, and I haven't had a chance to finish a version for 2.5 yet.

I'm planning to work on a new version this summer, so let me know if anyone has special requests. I'll make another thread for an alpha/beta release once I have something that is semi-useful.

Thanks for everyone's patience��_
I haven't used the program since I bought a desktop, but from what I remember the search feature could use a little tweak. For example if you searched for ";shots"; but VDLmidi had it them listed as ";RH shots"; then nothing would come up.

Alas I don't remember what version of VDLmidi I was working with, that powerbook has gone to the apple graveyard :)
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