Announcing VDLMidi - software input for Mac OS X


I've just posted the first version of VDLMidi - a freeware software input device for Mac OS X 10.4 ('Tiger'). It makes it easier to input percussion sounds without the need for a MIDI keyboard, by showing a list of the available sounds and allowing you to click them to input notes.

I hope you will find it useful for any work that you do with Virtual Drumline 2. I have tested it with Sibelius 4 (which is what I use), and I expect that it should work with Finale and other apps as well. Please let me know if you find things that do or do not work in other applications.

There are plenty of things left to do - such as adding the rest of the keymaps (it currently has snare, tenor, bass, cymbals, and a few others).

Jim has been very supportive in my efforts to make this happen, but it's not an official app from Tapspace, so please send any problems to me. (vdlmidi at gmail)

Corey Peterson

This follows from my post in this thread:
A version on windows would be nice. But it seems everyone uses macs except for me.........
[quote author=rdfirebirdsdrumline link=topic=867.msg14237#msg14237 date=1219439820]
A version on windows would be nice. But it seems everyone uses macs except for me.........

Windows users may want to look at onscreen keyboards like Bome's. It's no substitute for a real MIDI controller, but if you're determined to use software for input, it's an option.
cant find the page when i try link?
Oops! I wasn't using the domain for much else, so I didn't renew it, and I forgot I had that page on there.

You can download the latest one that works on Leopard and Snow Leopard from here:

It's version 1.2b

Let me know if you run into any other problems - sorry about that!

Since MobileMe is gone now, is there an updated link for this? Will it work with Finale 2011 possibly?

Probably worth unpinning, since this seems to be goners.
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