VDL:2 and DAWs - alternatives to Sibelius/Finale

I was hoping to start a thread about people’s experiences in using VDL:2 with applications other than Sibeleus/Finale.  I’m new to this forum and so I don’t know how often this topic has been discussed, but there seems to be a lot of effort expended on getting VDL:2 to work well during playback with Sibelius/Finale.  If you are not interested in printing charts, but want to compose music using the awesome sounds of VDL:2 and want to make really killer sounding recordings, then in my mind you should really be looking at a true sequencing application or DAW (eg.  Cubase, Logic, Sonar, Traction, Live).  You can use VDL:2 as a VST plug-in, use other instruments and sounds, add reverb and mastering effects, and get a really professional sounding result – and in a much more efficient and intuitive way than using a notation program.

I want to know if there is anyone else out there who is using VDL:2 as primarily a sound source for recording and not as an adjunct playback device for a notation program.
I see so much more potential for VDL:2 in a DAW environment than partnered only with Sibelius/Finale.  Jim Casella’s Zildijian and ESPN2 spots exemplify that beautifully. 

I’m running VDL:2 as a plug-in with Ableton Live 5.  I’m also using Izotope’s Ozone 3 as a mastering plug-in.  VDL:2 works great in Live 5 and Ozone 3 makes it easy to get loud, punchy sounding results.  You can try it out for yourself -- both Live 5 (www.ableton.com) and Ozone 3 (www.izotope.com) have fully functional downloadable demos. 

Mike Wozniak
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