Is VDL2 compatible with Sibelius Student?

I was't sure what forum to put this in. Sorry if it's in the wrong one.

Quick, simple question: Will Virtual Drumline 2 work with the Student version of Sibelius.  I want to go the cheapest route, and I want to make sure that they will work together before buying anything.

In fact, I think I may even be able to make this work without notation software, just with a simple MIDI input program like Anvil Studio.

Anyway, any help is appreciated.

Jason - This is something that I can not verify. Sibelius Student Edition is a stripped down version of Sibelius 3 which (I believe) allows you to open Sibelius 2 or Sib3 files, but will only allow you to work on 8 staves per system. I'm sure it won't allow any control over editing staff types (which in the Tapspace templates contain important VDL2 percussion mapping). It's possible that they'd work, but may not be able to be chosen between or edited. This is something that ";should"; be possible (with obvious limitations), however it'll be best to verify that staff types will work properly before you proceed. I'll see what I can dig up...stay tuned.
If it puts out midi, it can work. ��FYI, you can't do a whole lot with midi in student.
If you are a student, look to see about a Sibelius 4 student price. ��If you are a music student, I can really guarantee that you will run into a limitation quickly. ��

You can probably find it cheaper at your local music store, but you'll have to ask about ed licensing. ��A quick google of ";sibelius 4 academic"; will save you at least $50.
Sibelius 4 list price: $599
Sibelius 4 (academic edition): $299 at:

It's the same exact program...just half price for students/teachers. You supply academic verification when registering with Sibelius. Even though $299 is a lot of momey, it's really a great deal when you consider how much more flexibility and power you'll have with the full-on version of Sibelius 4.
Thanks for quick responses, guys.

Right now I can't even afford the academic version, plus VDL2, so it looks like I'm going to have to wait a while.  :(
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