Will pay for someone to put cadence into Sibelius and output with VDL2.

Ok. Here's the thing... my band is leaving for Disney World in just a few days (Thursday afternoon to be exact), and the cadence our drum major wrote isn't sounding so good.  Not only would it be uber awesome to have it as a realistic MP3, but I also think it would help the basses and quints out if they heard how it was supposed to sound.

I have notated the cadence using the Sibelius 4 demo, so I was unable to save.  I will pay for someone to reenter the cadence into Sibelius and have it outputted with VDL2 sounds before Thursday.

It's such a late notice, but the cadence is only about 20 measures long, and lasts only around 30 seconds. It's a simple, original, high school cadence. It shouldn't take long to put into Sibelius.

I don't have much to spend. Anybody willing to do it, please post your offer as soon as possible.

Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Email it to me and I'll take care of it.

I suppose an email address would help eh?  bill_castillo@prodigy.net

(Or is it mistabeal@tapspace.com Jim? :))
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Email it to me and I'll take care of it.

Dang! So if Bill can't get to it...

Thanks guys.

I sent you an email, Bill, with JPGs of each part. I think the parts say that the tempo is 116. That should actually be 120.

";Scooch"; is when the snares and quints press down on the head of the drum. It sounds like of like a very short roll. I don't know what you'd call it officially. We just made the word up.

Also, the first few measures are stick taps, not rim taps. And if you wouldn't mind adding the start off whistle, that would be awesome (1 rest 2 rest 1 2 3 4).

How much do you want for this?
Thanks for doing it so quickly, Bill. You are incredibly awesome! It sounds great.
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