Finale 2005 Template

I have a question. I have searched and searched to no avail. I'm using VDL2 with Finale 2005 with the provided template. My question is:

Do you need the exact order of instruments loaded in VDL 2 as they are listed template?

Example: In VDL2 I've loaded SN, Tenor, BD, glock, Xylo, Vibe, Marimba, Timpani.
The Finale template opens with Sn, Ten, BD, [Cym] (which I delete) glock, xylo, 2 vibe, 2 mar. (I delete the other 2), Timp.

The sounds match up just fine until you get to the deleted Cym area. The Cymbal staff is the glock sound. When I delete the Cym, it then deletes the glock sound. I also cannot figure how to assign the vibe (or marimba) sound to the 2 different staves.

I'm pretty much sure this is an easy fix, or I'm not clear on how to match up the sounds in Finale to VDL2. I have already RTFM several times and my stats show 4 hours browsing this forum, so it's not from lack of effort!

Thanks in advance.
You need to match midi channels between Finale's Instrument window and the VDL instrument channel assignments.

I gathered that from the VDL and Finale manuals. Anyone have a more thorough explanation of ";VDL instrument channel assignments";?

You can set any VDL2 instrument to any MIDI channel (channels 1-16) by setting its MIDI-IN. This is the little field in the VDL2 window that has an icon of a little midi symbol (just beneath where it says ";cpu usage";). Click it and you get a menu of 16 midi channels (or omni) to choose from. This is discussed a bit on page 26 of the VDL2 user guide.

So for example if in your Finale score your Glock staff is set to channel 5 (via the ";instrument list"; window), be sure to set your glock in VDL2 to channel 5 as well.

Hope this helps.
Got it, thanks guys. I knew it was easy and in the manual, I just wasn't getting it. Pardon my MIDI ignorance.
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