hey.. well im in desperate need for my instructor to write our indoor show.. but he wants to write it with VD1 and the finale pit sounds.. but when he opens the template.. he doesn't know how to add pit staves to the template.. ?? hes running with Finale 2003.. PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP>>!!
Finale manual, aisle seven...
yes jim.. thanks for that.. but now.. when i create a new stave through the wizard.. whenever i try to input sounds on the new stave.. i get tenor sounds.. and under instrument list i have.. :
Snare SCV Snares 1  and 1
Tenor SCV Tenors 2  and 2
Bass  SCV Bass    3  and 6
Cymbals SCV Cymbals 4 and 8
Newly added stave.. Glockenspiel SCV Tenors 2 and 2..

what am i doing wrong?? please help ASAP??
is there ANYWHERE.. where i can download from one of the users on here or something.. a Pit and Battery template for Finale and VD1??? PLEASE im in need.. wehn i add these staves.. they sound like tenors and snares.. whats wrong?? thansk
It's because you have the pit instruments on the same MIDI channels as the battery instruments. 
could you give me a solution?? like instructions to add the staves Correctly??? and i am using a Sound Blaster External Card.. thanks
All of this information is available in your Finale documentation. You need to focus on the ";instrument list"; window in Finale, and probably need to assign a new instrument for your glock (and any other new staves) there.

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Take this for what it's worth, but the tone in which you ask your questions is not too conducive to people wanting to help you. You'd be amazed at how much more people will be willing to help you if you are don't shout, lay off the ";?"; key a bit, and take an extra few minutes to proof-read for actual legibility.
I apologize Jim and all the rest of Tapspace Forum for my inconsiderate remarks.. I apologize and deeply regret my remarks.

But on a Better note, would anyone have a Finale Template that uses The battery instruments and Pit instruments (whichever kind of instruments in the pit you may have) that i could borrow or use? I cannot figure what i am doing wrong and my instructor and I are in ";dire"; need.  If you can help, please contact me through PM'ing on here or better would be to email me @ . thanks
If mallet instruments are triggering battery sounds, it's not a template issue- it's a MIDI channel issue.  Getting one from another person's computer won't have the same settings as yours anyways.  Make sure the instruments are all using a different MIDI channel, assigned to the correct soundbank, VDL samples, etc. 

In addition to the manual, [u]all[/u] programs come with built-in help files.  On top of that, this is not a VDL issue, it's a Finale issue and they have their own website and forums.
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