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If you use the TG tools for diddles and it puts stuff in layer 4 does that effect how it sounds coming out of VDL other than inputing the diddle? Also, this may be more of a question for a Finale forum, but then again you are all percussionist that have probably already run into this. . .

Taps and accents with dynamics. . . How do you keep the taps down when the dynamics get louder. . . And say there's a section you want to be taps mp and accents ff. Any suggestions in finale. Or is this something you manipulate with a MIDI/DAW editor. If this made no sense don't bother. Thanks again.

Ohh, and hopefully VDL is going to be a Christmas gift... Family rule that you can't but anything for yourself November through Christmas.

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Yes it changes the playback from VDL. Finale places the playback in Layer 4 and then makes the layer invisible. all you need to do is add the appropriate articulation, select the measure(s), run TG Tools. HTH.

Ted Boliske
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