Bidule Setup

Hi Everyone,

I am using VD2 and Finale problems.

I downloaded and am now trying to use Bidule to save my multis that I create, but I can't figure it out.  Any help?
Thanks in advance
Type in Bidule in the search field. Several hits in the Hints and Tutorials section.

Ted Boliske
Thanks!  Hope that will help.

Does anybody have a program that they think is easier to use, or better than Bidule?
Once you understand Bidule, it's actually pretty simple. Do a search for the Bidule setup tutorials on this site that should (hopefully) shed some light. Don't worry it's not that bad.

If you wanted to try something different and you're a Mac user, RAX is pretty slick.

Otherwise, there is a listing of ";host programs"; on the ";hints and tutorials"; section of this forum.
OK, one more question.  How do I get a VLD:2 Bidule?  What do I select from the palette?
Nevermind! Im all set now.
Ok, now I need to figure out how to change the latency within my setup.  When I click my Sound Blaster Bidule it says:
Current Latency Details:
Bidule runs with :256 samples (5.80499 ms) sized blocks

this driver runs with:
output:5376 samples (121.905 ms) -> compensating

Setting might be improvable

-Any Ideas on how to change these settings?
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