adding kontakt 2

Hey everyone.  hope you all had a good thanksgiving.

I am going to finally add kontakt 2 to my collection and was wondering how best i would set it up with sibelius 4, VDL 2 and GPO. 

I currently host VDL 2 and GPO in Cakewalk Sonar 4.  With kontakt 2 this would not be necessary, right?  Simply load all VDL 2 and GPO sounds directly into kontakt?

ok one more dumb question--is there any reason that i would want to use kontakt 2 as a plug-in in Sonar, or would that be an unnecessary program eating valuable computing power?

if there is already a thread on this subject i apologize for the redundancy--just post the link please!!!

have great week!!!

Hi Chris,

Like GPO and VDL2, Kontakt2 is capable of being used as either a plugin or stand-alone.

If you want to have all GPO and VDL2 sounds playable directly from within K2, that's definitely do-able, and probably what I would do especially if running K2 as standalone to be receiving MIDI input from Sibelius 4. In K2, you can then save your ";multi"; (all loaded instruments/settings) for any project. Then, when working in Sonar, load an instance of K2 and load the aforementioned ";multi"; to have an identical setup to the one you were working with in standalone mode.

If you're working in Sonar, I'd definitely run K2 as a plugin. Since it's capable of 16 midi channels per port (4 ports up to 64 channels), you could (in theory) run 4 fully loaded instances of K2 (though this may be enough to choke nearly any machine!).

You may also want to check with the folks at Garritan just to be sure there aren't any glitches in using GPO sounds in conjunction with Kontakt 2. I'd bet it's nothing major, but since their library was programmed in Kontakt 1.5.3 format (like VDL2), there could be a few things that could behave differently. Their forum is at:

Hope this helps!
thanks for the input Jim

the way i set up right now, i am running sonar during the writing process ONLY to be able to have more than one instance of VDL2 and GPO.�� with K2 this wouldn't be necessary, right?--i could load all of the sounds into K2 (i will check with Garritan on this--thanks for the heads-up)

so during the WRITING process (while working in sibelius)�� there would really not be any reason to host K2 within Sonar. just run K2 standalone with VDL & GPO loaded.�� (i generally need approximately 16 winds and16 percussion)
Then.......after the writing is complete, use sonar for editing etc. etc.

does this sound like the most effecient path?

i guess what i'm basically asking is this:�� with K2, would there be any real reason to run sonar during the writing phase of a project?

sorry for making this more complicated than it is--i think i have answered my question!!
but would still like some clarification/input.

thanks again,
I'm curious how you've managed to setup Sonar as your hosting/playback device, and then have Sibelius access the various instances of VDL2/GPO. That's beside the point though. The main answer to your question is: yes. You'd simply launch Kontakt 2, load the various sounds there (you won't have the fancy VDL2 or GPO interfaces to look at, but that's OK), set your midi ports/channels, then launch Sibelius 4, and make sure various midi ports/channels are configured as well.

Hope this helps!
Thanks once again Jim.

I will post up exactly how I set up sonar as a host, if you think it will be a help to the great Tapspace forum loyals.  Honestly though, I didn't think it was anything special.  Give me a day or two and I will post it. 

I can't wait to take advantage of K2

As always--thanks for your continuous help with everything here at Tapspace!!

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