Help with VD2!

Hi guys.  I am a beginner with VD2 and need some serious help.  Please take the time to answer my simple questions. I have read all over these threads with no luck.  I am desperate!

I am using VD2 with Sibelius 3 on Windows XP with 2 Gigs of Ram.  I also use the Maple MIDI Tools virtual midi cable.

1)  How can I use more than 8 instruments at a time?  I have a huge composition but only 8 slots in the rack!

2)  When I play back VD2 sounds together with the ";pre-packaged"; Sibelius sounds (for other non-percussion instruments), the VD2 sounds will sometimes cut out for some reason.  This usually happens when the score gets thicker.  I have tried playing with the output latency and sample rate with no success.  HELP!  It's making me crazy.....

3) How can I make an mp3 or .wav recording of my piece when it is finished.  There is no ";record to file"; option like Garritan Personal Orchestra has.

Thanks for the help!
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All of your questions have been answered on this forum for starters, check out:

You may want to use the search feature to find what you need.  Good luck.

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