Garage Band 2 Tempo Changes?

Hey guys,

I am new to VD2 (been up and running for a month now) and boy is it wonderful to be able to hear what I write (instantly)!!!! Kudos to Jim and Murray for all their time into developing this tool!!!!

Using this forum as a ";support"; medium has been a wonderful help (and thanks to all the geniuses on here, who are smarter than me). I have used Garage Band to create MP3 recordings of VD2 files (by using the methods put out on other threads). I am wondering however, if anyone else has had problems (or solutions) with multiple tempo changes during a chart? As of now I can only find a way to set one tempo per piece (note, this is not a Sibelius problem, just once I import into G.B.).

Thanks for any help.

Vinnie Angelo
Mac G4
Sibelius 4
1.5 RAM
Maybe I'm crazy, but I seem to remember that GarageBand was a 1-tempo tool...  I only have GB1, but that's a one tempo deal.  Insert drum corps joke here.

I think you're outta luck.  But hey, that's why they have Logic, right?  :)
If you are running Tiger, I highly recommend using AULab, which get installed with the developer tools. It takes a bit to set it up initially, but it works really well. I've been meaning to post a tutorial about it... maybe I'll get started on one tonight...
Try making a MIDI file in Finale or Sibelius that has the tempo changes you want, then drag and drop it into Garage Band.
I recall hearing something about GB not doing tempo changes as well. I don't really use it so I'm not sure. I do remember a quirky thing in Logic (an older version i think), that tempo information was only imported if you OPEN the midi file (via the ";open"; command). Somehow dragging the midi file into the logic window forced the midi file to be assigned the current session's tempo. Took me a while to figure that out...don't know if there's some sort of similar thing in GB. My hunch is that tempo changes there aren't possible. Check the GB forums at apple at:
Work around... (I actually took a class that used GB for a little while).

Break each tempo change into seperate sections (as in seperate files, not tracks) in GB. Set each tempo according to the section your working, make your desired changes, and export each as an audio file. In a seperate file in GB drag and drop each new audio file. It's messy, but it works. As for something like a accel or ritard, I think your out of luck. Peace!
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