VDL1 and Finale 2006 GPO

Hey, I still like the drum sounds in VDL1.

Can I use those sounds concurrently with Finale 2006's GPO sounds?

If you have the full version of Kontakt, you can host it in Finale 2006 (as a VST or AU), then load VDL1 sounds into it. GPO can also be loaded into Kontakt which has 16 part multitimbrality as opposed to 8 parts (as with GPO and VDL2's Kontakt Players).
Thanks, Jim.

I've been playing around and I think I can get that to work.

Might have to upgrade my Kontakt (ver. 1.2) to play the 2006 GPO sounds.

Got the ver 1.2 off Ebay cheap.  I've been using the VD1 soundfonts for awhile and wanted to hear the gigas.

I thought the GPO that came with F2006 would help me reproduce drum corps pieces more faithfully.

It's always something :-)

Yes - you'll need Kontakt v1.5.3 or higher. You should be able to buy the upgrade for a pretty reasonable price.
Good luck!
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