dreadlocks, spock shots, and sibelius 4

I noticed since I began using Sibelius 4 that the decay from dreadlocks and spock shots seem to mask the attacks following the initial attack to a point where the sound won't play back unless either of the sounds isn't played again for a second or two.  For instance, repeated 8th note dreads even if you alternate between right and left.  I never noticed this on Sibelius 3.  Has anyone else noticed this behavior and/or does anyone know a solution to thsi issue?  Thanks.
Are you using Kontakt 2?
Yes, I should have mentioned that.  Also, the machine is a G5 with a bunch of RAM and dual processors.  I'm using MIDI Patchbay as well.
Ok. I think what you are hearing is something that's glitchy with how K2 and the programming for VDL2 correspond to each other. It's not actually any sort of decay thing. Try this:

Cool.  That helps.  Thanks for the reply.
I should mention that this will not exist in a forthcoming library update. Stay tuned for more info in the future.
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