Questions about Tenor sounds

I know I'm old, but I had a question about the ";snenor"; key map. What is it supposed to be?

I also wanted to know if you can add some cymbal rides etc to the tenor keymapsin the next go round.

Snenor - a snare-like sound on tenors which is created by playing the drum with a stick in one hand, while holding a wire brush against the head with the other hand.

Cymbal rides for tenors - will add it to the list, though since the tenor instruments are typically so dense (6 drums with so many articulations/implements/etc), there's no guarantee on if it will be of benefit to squeeze it in. Once rides are there, it'd probably be necessary to include crashes, bells, possibly rolls. Just some thoughts.
Thanks Jim,

That was a new one on me!

I do understand about the size of the tenor Key Maps and though if it could be done, it would make a nice addition.

Thanks for your continued support of VD2, and I look for to seeing the Cavies with the Cassella twist!!!!
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