Help, please.

I'm having a great deal of problems with VDL:2. First off, my computer meets the system requirements, and is more than capable of having enough speed and memory to perform VDL:2s tasks. I am also using MIDI Yoke.

In the setup window of VDL:2, I make sure none of my inputs are the same as the outputs. All of the outputs are set to OFF. I have one input set to on, Midi Yoke 1.  In the device panel in Sibelius 3, I have MIDI Yoke 1 set as the defalut device. In the mixer window, I make sure MIDI Yoke 1 is set. This is the strange part...When I click play in Sibelius, the sounds play fine. But when I try to edit a note or click it, it freezes. I thought I might need more than one input, so I went ahead and turned on MIDI Yoke 2-8 on VDL:2 and on the Sibelius device list, and then put the snare as Midi Yoke 1, and the rest as 2, 3, and 4. It let me edit the tenors, bass, and cymbals, but when I clicked the snare notes it would freeze again. Also, after I had edited any other notes besides the snare, it would freeze when I clicked play.

I have no idea what's going on. The only thing I can think of is that my version of sibelius won't work with the template. I have version 3.0.0 and the template is for 3.1.9. But while I was testing all of this, I used the VDL:1 template. Can someone please help?
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Go into the Sibelius ";devices"; window and make sure that MIDI Yoke 1 is NOT set for your input device. It should be set as the output device only. If it's set as both input and output (in sibelius), you'll get a midi loop and crash. Sounds like that's what's happening.
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