Plug-in to make own rack

Has there been any discussion about possibly having a plugin where a user could add their own instruments for an aux rack? Then we wouldn't have to have Rack Combo A, B, C, D  etc....we could make our own.  I do not know how difficult that would be.  You would need to load all the instruments information when making your own aux rack within Virtual Drumline 2.  I don't know...just a thought.  I dont even know if that's possible.  Am I just completely out of my mind?   LOL  :)
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This is possible if you're loading your VDL2 sounds within the full version of Kontakt. Of course, there can be a learning curve involed with that, so most people may find it a bit daunting to get into.

If you find yourself really wishing for some common ";rack layouts";, please be sure to offer them in the thread located at:

We're trying to accommodate some of these types of requests for future library updates.
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