Soundblaster Live! Card with no AudioHQ or Soundbank Manager


I just got Virtual Drumline and I'm trying to follow the tutorial with Soundblaster cards....
My Dell came with a Soundblaster Live! card installed in it. However there's no AuidoHQ program of Soundbank manager. I checked the CD that came with my computer and none of those are on the CD either...what do I do?
If you just got VDL2, there's no need to load it into your soundcard since it's all automatically accessed within its included Kontakt Player.

If you're referring to VDL1, I'm not sure. You should probably contact Dell, or try contacting tech support for Creative Labs (manufacturers of the Soundblaster Card). There should be some included software that allows you to load your VDL1 Soundfont bank. When you contact them, be sure to clearly describe to them the fact that you're attempting to find out how to load an .sf2 soundfont bank.
If you're using VDL:1, click on Start> All Programs> Creative, etc etc.
If it doesn't have all of the software, you'll need to go to to update the driver.  Among the driver/software package should be soundfont bank support.  I know that my Dell drivers were the same way; basic.

Let us know if that solves the issue.
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