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I'm just getting started with midi devices other than notation programs so I've got lots of questions. 

        [b][/b]How do you get the pre-made templates for Finale and is it even usable on notepad or Allegro?

        [b][/b]How do you get the screen to use the virtual MIDI cable to come up?
Finale templates for VDL2 are available at:

Your virtual midi cable will show up in your listing of midi devices (in finale, in vdl2, or any other midi programs). First you must install the virtual midi cable though. For Mac, activate the IAC Driver in Applications>Utilities>Audio MIDI Setup>MIDI Devices.

For Windows, download MIDI Yoke from:  -  be sure to click the MIDI YOKE link on the left column, and follow the installation instructions.
Okay I figured out the virtual MIDI cable on VDL:2 but I can't find it on Finale notepad?
    -If it's unable to work on notepad what about Allegro?
VDL 2 does not work with Finale Notepad and I don't believe it will work with Allegro either. For a more complete answer go the MakeMusic website and check the Finale forums.

Ted Boliske
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