VDL:2 Sounds And Finale Band Score

Im very new to this program but I wanted to know if there is a way to have a percussion score written with VDL:2  go into the same score as a marching  band score that was written on finale 2005. Ive been playing around with the midi in and out settings and channel numbers but ive realized that im clueless. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks!
The easiest way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to start with the VDL template (most important) and then from that template add the band staves as needed and cut and paste into your score.

Is that what you need?

Well sort of...I copied and pasted but im getting no sound from either the drum staves or the band staves? Am i supposed to change some midi settings? Thanks for the help.

actually...scratch that...the drumline sounds are playing but the band sounds are not. how do i fix this?
Hi, Sam.�� Just so I know a little more so I can try to help -

1.) Did you make new staves above your VD2 staves?
2.) Were you using the Templates meant for VD2?

What I have done in the past is this:

1.) Take a full percussion template that is already using the correct staff types, etc from the VD website.�� I either add more mallets or more percussion, etc. based on the instrumentation I need.�� They should be able to use the VD2 staff types becasue they have been imported into that Sibelius, or Finale document. - if that makes sense.�� Then you save that Template as another ";template"; to use later on if you ever need to do so.

2.) I look at the band score that was sent to me and add the correct staves to make it match with the band score. RESAVE THE TEMPLATE (saving so much is just precautionary...i've learned my lesson�� :)�� ��)

3.) Make all the proper time signature, key signature adjustments.

4.) go to your band score and COPY ALL�� of your wind notes.

5.) go back and highlight all the same staves that were in the band score.�� Double check you have the SAME NUMBER OF MEASURES and that those staves, the whole document, are highlighted.��

6.) PASTE -�� then you should be able to use your finale sounds with VD2.

*�� this is just to double check you set it up properly*

Can you give us your midi settings?�� Are you using Maple Midi?�� Mac? PC?�� Bidule?�� This should be able to help us get you on the right path in regards to getting your GM band sounds to work.�� Maybe someone else might have some additional information that I overlooked.

Hope this helps, and I look forward to helping you get going.
I am using a pc with windows xp and using midi yoke for virtually midi cables and im using the virtual drumline as a standalone.�� I am using the templates for vd2 and i did make new staves for the winds and copied and pasted on the vdl2 template. The computer is just not playing the wind sounds. Suggestions to make that work would be great. Thanks for your previous help.

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back.  I am not versed in Midi Yoke, so I don't feel I would able to give you the proper help you need with that.  HOPEfully someone else might know more about this program than I do.

You might also try a few things that are in the post:  https://www.tapspace.com/forums/index.php?topic=746.msg2869#msg2869

Hopefully that helps a little.  Sorry for not being able to help you more at this time with Midi Yoke.

Anyone else know more about Midi Yoke?
If you want band sounds from Finale's smartsynth, and percussion sounds from Standalone VDL2, you'll have to set up the midi banks to go to two different sources. For example, in Finale's MIDI setup:

Channels 1-16 - set to MIDI Yoke NT 1 to go to VDL2
Channels 17-32 - set to Smartmusic softsynth to access finale's GM soundfont.

Then, in Finale's ";instrument list"; window, set each instrument to the correct channel so they'll play the correct sounds. More info may be available on the Finale user forums at:
Thanks alot for your responses but i kinda bumped into the way to do it on my own several days ago. Again, thank you very much for your time and suggestions.
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