I have finale 2003a, soundblaster audigy advanced mb, 512mb, 1GB, uno MIDI interface and plain old keyboard with midi hook ups in back.  I've got the sounds to work by pressing the key on the keyboard outside of finale, and the notes are notated in finale using speedy entry; however, there is no sound upon entry of during playback.  I'm so close... little help would be fabulous.  thank you
Are you saying there is no sound when you start to playback your file or is there no sound when you enter notes into the file? Hearing the sounds as you enter them into your score is not that important. Are you using VDL1 or 2?

Ted Boliske
sorry!  I am using VD1 and there isn't sound for the entry of notes or the playback.  Any ideas?!?!
Places to check:

1. Windows>Instrument List
- make sure you have an instrument assigned to each staff (i.e. snares/tenors/basses/cymbals)
- give each instrument a midi channel assignment
- select your output device, in your case it would be your sound card

2. MIDI>MIDI Setup
- Input device would be your midi keyboard
- Output Device would again be your sound card

This should get you well on your way. Also, read the help guide for your sound card on installing sound fonts. And check the MakeMusic website for both the forums and updates to that version of Finale.

Ted Boliske
when you say output device should be ";sound card";... should it say the name of the sound card because I don't have that; however, I do have ";creative soundfont synthesizer";, ";Microsoft GS wavetable SW Synth";, ";Default MIDI output device";, and ";Out USB midi 1x1"; ... that's what I have for output device.  Any ideas?
At this point the best advice I can give is to check the VDL1 forum for SoundBlaster. Everything you need is either there, in your sound card manual or the VDL1 manual.

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