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so I have everything working and finale is notating the notes on the map and everything; however, the sounds don't play upon inputting the notes nor do they play during playback... so i guess it's not working.  the only problem I can see (maybe) that I haven't checked is that my options for MIDI output device are: ";creative soundfont synthesizer";, ";Microsoft GS wavetable SW Synth";, ";Default MIDI output device";, and ";Out USB midi 1x1";
do either one of these mean ";soundcard";... I think I'm confused on this one.  Little help would be fabulous.
In Finale, you should set your MIDI output to ";creative soundfont synthesizer"; (creative labs makes your soundblaster this would make sense, right?).

Your MIDI INPUT (again in Finale) should be set to the USB midi 1x1 (this is your midi keyboard I presume).

Also, if you loaded the VDL1 soundfont into a certain bank in your soundcard (i.e. bank 001), be sure those instruments are set to playback via bank 1 (in Finale's ";instrument list"; window, you can set instrument definitions for each track/instrument).

For more help doing this, check with Finale on their forums at:

Online support for Soundblaster cards can be found at:

Good luck!
all of that stuff is fine... I dunno.  sucks.
Your patience can help us solve your problem.  Can you hear other notes, non-VDL notes, when you enter them?
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