VDL:1 proof of purchase??

I bought VDL:1 about nine months to one year ago but I am not sure what or where my proof of purchase is. I would like to know so I can submitt something to the contest. If there is a way to find out this information I woudl appreciate it.

'Mike Guertin
Where did you buy it?  If you bought it from most any retailer you should have a receipt.  I would think the copy of your CD sleeve would suffice as well.
You should have received a receipt when you purchased VDL1. If you purchased it from us at tapspace.com, you should be able to log in to your account on our webstore, then click the ";orders history"; link. Search for orders in the last nine or ten months, and you should see a copy of your order, where you can print the invoice there. You can fax that to us, or simply contact us at contest@tapspace.com with the order information. We'll then notify you to confirm. If you ordered from a retailer, a copy of the receipt is the best proof of purchase.
I bought VDL almost two years ago, and I can't seem to log in to the online store. (or forgot my username?)�� Is there some sort of cut-off point where you don't keep track of past orders anymore?
You probably bought it from the old webstore interface, in which case your old login info won't be relevant on the current site. Send an email to info@tapspace.com, and someone can do some sleuthing to look up your order.
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