Kontakt 2 Intrument "re-mapping"?

I am doing an arrangement of ";Short Ride..."; and am looking to keep the woodblock and bass drum in the same staff as it is in the original. Is it possible, using Kontakt 2, for me to add the [i]Bass Drum[/i] sample in the [i]drumset[/i] instrument into the [i]Woodblock All[/i] instrument using the mapping editor in Kontakt 2? I thought I had it firgured out but I was unable to figure out where to find the ";DS_BD_##.wav"; (where ## = 01 through 09) files to drop them in the editor.

Thanks all!
Yes you can Brent. Individual samples are accessible only within Kontakt, and you'll find them in one of the three large Virtual_Drumline2.nks container files (in your VDL2 library folder). Be sure you're navigating to these IN Kontakt's file browser as it's the only place that will allow you to access those samples. The ";DS_BD_##.wav"; samples will be found in the second .nks container in a folder called ";Drumset Samples.";

Good luck!
Thanks, it works. I was looking in the wav file in the Database menu and not the Files menu.

Another quick follow up:
is there a setting somewhere that I am missing that is telling Kontakt to stop playing the sample on the release of the midi trigger? the sound stops when I let go of the key. Hope that makes sense.

It doesn't seem to be chopping the sound of when I am looking at the ";Basic Drumset"; instrument which you guys created.
Sounds like you need to lengthen the release tail some. Your Kontakt documentation should help explain this.
Thanks a ton!
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