Mod Wheel Changes won't play correctly

hey everyone,

I'm trying to get some rim sounds in the quads, and I've entered the mod wheel controller change into sibelius correctly (I think).  I used the ctrl + T command and entered ~C1,127 to change to rims an 8th note rest before the notes.  The playback won't seem to work correctly at all though.  I don't know what else to try, but I have a feeling there is a way to turn controller changes on and off in sibelius.  I just can't seem to find it.  Any ideas?


Chris Whyte
Chris, your description sounds like you're doing everything correctly. Be sure the technique text is actually attached to the staff you're trying to change. Sometimes when staves become too jumbled together, it's easy to errantly place them on the staff above. It's easiest by selecting View>Attachment Lines to ensure the techinque text is actually attached to that staff.

Another thing to check - place your VDL window in an area of your screen where you can view it at the same time your Sibelius playback is occuring. When it gets to that mod-wheel change, you should be able to observe the mod-wheel on the VDL2 player actually move. For best results, I'd just solo that tenor track, and watch. If the wheel doesn't move somehow the controller message isn't making its way out of Sibelius.

Are you using the most current version of Sibelius (3.1.3 or 4.1 depending on your version), and VDL2 (VDL Kontakt Player version

Also, what virtual midi cable are you using? Perhaps try checking with a different port (MIDI Yoke NT 2 instead of NT 1).
Is it not changing in the playback at all, or are you just not hearing it when you're inputting notes?  If it's while you're inputting notes, that is a common problem as for whatever reason Sibelius doesn't pick up the change until you play it back.  Also, try moving the mod-wheel on your keyboard all the way up, then bring it back down.  Sometimes that acts as a reset of sorts.
hey guys,

well, I was just being thick headed.  The playback is fine.  Bill, you were right, it just wasn't triggering the program change until I actually played it back.  I thought that since I wasn't hearing the correct sound when I inputted it that it wasn't working correctly. 

Thanks for the help!

Chris Whyte
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