Absolutely Amazing!

I would first like to say that I'm amazed at what Tapspace was able to do. I'm happy I put this on my Christmas list, lol. Now that I have it, most questions are taking a back seat to my curiosity of how far I can push VDL:2. The program continues to exceed my expectations every time.

One question or request so to say. I'm planning on working on a project online with some people that don't have VDL, but do have Finale '05. If I write with the VDL:2 template instead of the Finale '05 built in map (that Tapspace was nice enough to accommodate for), will the sounds still line up for them? If not, is there a way such as a plug-in that will allow you to recreate your file from the VDL:2 Template to the original Finale '05 mapping?

I ask this because I understand the benefit of using the VDL:2 Template, more sounds means better audio. But this may also limit the ease of handling parts from person to person. It would be nice to have some sort of program or plug-in that cleans up from Finale to VDL:2 or waters down from VDL:2 to Finale. I have a limited programming background but would be willing to help in the think tank process if this is a move that Tapspace would like to make. Thanks for the great program guys. Amazing work!
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Anyone can enter notes on the template.  Now, the folks that don't have VDL:2 won't hear the sounds obviously.  For that, they would have to have VDL:2.

If I were you, I'd have them enter the notes using the keymapping so when it gets to you, the playback will be correct.  That is assuming they all are using the template from the beginning.
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