Looking for a "cheaper" way to load sound banks

Now, I am familiar with Kontakt2 and all of its capabilities.  I am looking for a cheaper program that will access at least some of the features that Kontakt2 comes packaged with.  I am however, not certain if there are other programs or another way to access these features without digging deep into my pockets, and pulling out change that I don't even have..";College Student";.. So instead of me rambling on let me get started...

One particular feature that caught my mind while reading up on Kontakt2, was the program ability to load sound banks.  Now correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this a way to load, per-say, 3 instruments for one player or, 3 instruments that can be assigned to one staff with in sibelius, and are accessed by a technique symbol such as ";~p1";?  So back to where I started, is there a program that doesn’t cost $500 or $600 dollars that have this capability?

  [b ANY HELP[/b] will be most certainly [b]appreciated[/b], and  forgive me if this has been mentioned in other posts.  I have been reading faithfully for the past couple of weeks and, have seen a few things mentioned but nothing listed as an alternative.... Help if you can.... THANKS!
Owning VDL2 qualifies you for the Kontakt 2 upgrade price instead of the full price.  I think the price is $269.

If you are a college student, I think�� you would also qualify for the educational pricing which is $225.

Thanks a lot for your help jmattson and cmac76!�� I will most defiantly purchase the program sooner or later, but until then, I am looking at spending under $200, if that is at all possible.�� Will you guys let me know if there is a cheaper alternative to kontakt?�� Or is Kontakt my only route?��

I would like a ";quick fix,"; so to say, until the summer arrives, and i can earn some cash, and hopefully some of the cash flow will come from arranging some shows for a couple high schools here in Arkansas, then I will be able to purchase the FULL Kontakt2....THANKS

Oh, one other random question for jmattson.  How much would it cost to purchase the music to ";waves1"; and ";waves3";?  THANKS
If you're using VDL2, Kontakt is your only option as far as loading the sounds into a sampler that has program change capabilities. The ";academic"; edition of K2 is probably your best bet as it's priced lower than the crossgrade version. For a nearly $500 program, this is a pretty darn good deal. More info here:
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Oh, one other random question for jmattson.  How much would it cost to purchase the music to ";waves1"; and ";waves3";?  THANKS


check your forum message box :)
Thanks a lot Jim, I appreciate everyone�۪s quick response, I will try and talk my mom into donating some funds to purchase the program. 

I look forward to communicating with you all in the near future. ";GOD BLESS THE FORUM!";
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