Missing Notes

Hi Guys,

  I have all my Programmes set up. My problem is im having trouble hearing certain drums? I added bass rims to my bass drums and i can hear top bass in sibelius plus the rims but not the bottom 4. This is same with the snares and tenors, i can hear a couple of drums but not all of them. Is this the way i have changed them i have a look on the scales and it seemed to line up. Will vienna help?

Cheers for any help.
cool i have it all set up seems to work etc..how can i record what i play on the keyboard on to the sibelius score or can i not? at least all my sounds work they just dont work when i enter notes into sibelius.
In reference to that other post, my point was that you need to set up the Bome keyboard to be an INPUT in Sibelius. If that confuses you, do a search in this forum about using ";virtual midi cables";.
ok thanks Jim...you guys must have a lot of patience with us new guys..thank you though
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