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Hi Guys,

  I have all my Programmes set up. My problem is im having trouble hearing certain drums? I added bass rims to my bass drums and i can hear top bass in sibelius plus the rims but not the bottom 4. This is same with the snares and tenors, i can hear a couple of drums but not all of them. Is this the way i have changed them i have a look on the scales and it seemed to line up. Will vienna help?

Cheers for any help.
Did you update the maps as well?  If they template doesn't have the new noteheads, then the sounds won't trigger.
I'm not sure your question is clear. Are you having trouble with Sibelius, or with the VDL1 soundfont?
I don't think it's Sibelius, I think it might be the way i have changed the sf? When i try and input notation it onlt lets me input a few types as well as what is playbacked.
ill try and make my problem a bit more clear. In my soundfont bank manager i can select any instrument and hit a note on the keyboard and it is fine. Whether it's bass 1 or tenor drum 5. Then when i try and write in sibelius i can only hear the following drums.snares - can't hear the drum sound. Tenors - Can't hear drum 3 or 1 and basses - i can't hear basses 5/4/3/2. Hope that makes it clearer? This happens when i try and input notews or playback notes?I have also used other templates which i downloaded of your site but the same problem where i can only input certain drums?

Any help would be great hope this makes it clearer?Thanks
This just seems like a template issue.  Download the template for VDL from this website, open it, and try that.  I can't imagine any other scenario.  If you use the template you downloaded from here and continue to have confusion, let us know.
I was thinking the same thing drumcat. It sounds like you are using non-VDL percussion maps.

The VDL1 template can be downloaded from:

Scroll down to where it says ";Sibelius Users.";

The VDL2 template also has VDL1 staff types imbedded in it, so you could use that one as well. Just be sure you've set each staff to the appropriate staff type of the instrument you're trying to playback. For more info, read about ";staff types"; in your Sibelius documentation.
yeah i've tried downloading the templates and i get the same result.:-( not sure what's up with it but im out of ideas....might take up Finale again..lol. Just don't know why it would miss drums out.
It's worked for so many other people, maybe it's something simple.  If you give us a step-by-step of what you're doing, maybe we can better diagnose.  The process does indeed work, so the more descriptive you can be, the better.

Walk us through what you are doing.
You're using a MIDI keyboard, right?
im not using a midi keyboard.....we i imported the SF into my soundbank manager where i can listen to the sounds on the keyboard with in the soundbank manager and they work fine. I then set up the devices in Sibelius, connecting the right channel and high bank etc. then when i try and inout it only lets me input the noted drums. Also i have tried someone sending me a score they have done and it only played the same drums and missed the same one's our...tenor 1/3,basses 2/3/4/5 or the snare sound...i have also tried using the templates of the the web this web site. I have also made sure they all work in vienna and they seem to be fine. just once it gets into sibelius.
You should use a MIDI keyboard for entry. Otherwise Sibelius won't know what [i]exact[/i] pitch you're intending to enter. Simply clicking on the staff won't be specific enough.

If you haven't already, be sure to carefully read the FAQs at: https://www.tapspace.com/vdrumlinesupport.html
Yeah im in the process of buying a Oxygen8? they sell at �60......Having a keyboard wouldn't effect my problem in hand at the moment though would it?Thanks for any help.
Dunno, but you can sort it out with a free mousemidikeyboardthingy.


If using that keyboard still fails, then we've narrowed it down.  Let us know.
all the drums seem to work fine..can i connect it to Sibelius?
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