midi patchbay and reason

I was planning on using reason to load my samples into sibelius and use them that way...so I downloaded the midi patchbay thing and started to follow the instructions from tapspace, but when it says ";Open MIDI Patchbay and select ";MIDI Patchbay input 1"; for your MIDI input. Select ";MIDI Patchbay output 1"; for your MIDI Output.";  there is no ";input and output 1 whenever I click on those scroll down bars.  The only thing that appears is ";edit virtual inputs"; and my midi controller.  So how do i correct this problem? 
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You'll need to select ";edit virtual inputs"; and create an ";in"; and an ";out";. The help menu in Midi Patchbay has instructions for using the program. Once you've created a virtual input/output, they'll show up in Sibelius and Reason (as long as you have MIDI Patchbay running first).
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