DEMO: Tony Lymon, Petal HS

Here's some info on an exciting new user demo just submitted by Tony Lymon. [u][url=]Click here[/url] [/u]to go to our user demos page, or [u][url=]click here [/url][/u]to go straight to the recording.

[b]Petal High School Indoor Percussion Theater, Petal, Mississippi
Tony Lymon, Director/Show Designer/Music Arranger
Ryan Saul, Director[/b]
Program:[/b] LOST (loosely based on the ABC TV show)

[b]Selections:[/b] ";Gavorkna Fanfare"; by Jack Stamp, ";Night on Bald Mountain"; by Modest Mussorgsky,
";With Heart and Voice"; by David Gillingham

[b]Sounds:[/b] Virtual Drumline:2, String sounds from Kontakt 2, Special Effects samples found on the internet

[b]Notation Software:[/b] Sibelius 4
[b]Sample Software:[/b] VDL:2 and Kontakt 2

[b]Computer: [/b]PowerMac Dual G5 1.8 Ghz/2GB Ram/Mac OSX 10.4.3

Great work Tony!!
Wicked Cool!

nice job!

Did I hear a little Medea in there?

This in one of the most [i]creative[/i] examples of VDL2 in use...MAN it is cool!
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