Installing VD1 with Sibelius 4

I just got Sibelius 4 installed and I'm trying to get VD1 working.  I had Sibelius 2.11 working with VD1 fine.  The setup is different but I don't have the setup doc anymore so any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.

Hey Scott.  Setup is the same.

Care to run us through where you're at now, and where you're stuck?  In Sib4 you use the template, and it should trigger the appropriate sf sounds, provided that they are loaded, and the instrument channels line up.  Oversimplified, but that's about it.

Tell us more if you're stuck.
Sure thing.  I forgot about the sib templates. So I went to tapspace and downloaded the file.  I put the three files in the sounds folder under the sibelius folder (VirtualDrumlinegigakontakt.set, VirtualDrumlineinbank1ofso.set and VirtualDrumlinesoundfontpr.set).

I got the Snare and tenors to work but the bass drum notes don't seem to work right.  Its seems to have the pitches on the top lines and spaces (IE F,E,D,C)...  I'm not sure if that makes sense or not.  Well it doesn't seem to work the same as before.  I use 5 bd with the top bd being an E on the staff and second BD being an C and so on....  The pitch seems to change on the lines and spaces.

Questions let me know
Try the template again, but just put notes into the bass line first.  See if that works, and let us know.
I think I got it all working now.  Thanks again for your help..

another issues here:  When I load the full version of VD soundfonts I only get tenor sounds.  Does someone know why?

Scott, that's really vague.  You're going to have to give us some steps you've taken, or a little more information.  Remember, we can't see what you've done.  All we have here is ";it's broken";.  We're good, but we don't have ESP yet.  :)
when I loaded the medium sound font version I can test all sounds via audioHQ (snares, Basses, Tenors, cyms) but when I load the full version it only shows the tenor sounds.  I didn't have this issue with Sibelius 2.11..  Now that's the only thing that's changed on my machine. 

We I install Sib 4 I had to map the new sounds or should I say install...  I don't have any problems with the medium sound font but I would like to use the full version.

I hope that helps.

The description of what you're doing is kind of vague and hard to follow. It might be helpful if you could be a little clearer in your description, and what steps pertain to Audio HQ/Soundblaster, and which steps pertain to Sibelius. If you're having problems with Audio HQ, you might also try checking with Creative Labs tech support. All the instruments are contained within the full soundfont, so if you aren't seeing some of them, you're probably doing something wrong. Audio HQ has been replaced by ";soundfont bank manager"; for installing and configuring soundfont banks into your audio card. Be sure you aren't getting confused between BANKS and PROGRAMS. There's a big difference. I think if you outline your exact steps more clearly, it's possible you may actually find where you've taken a wrong turn.

If you didn't already know it, there were some new Sibelius ";sound sets"; that were supplied by Tapspace for Sibelius 3 users which are quite a bit different than the ones created for Sibelius 2.1 (which came included with VDL1). You can find these at:
Thanks guys.

i will retrace my steps and document those.

Thanks again.
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