Having a lot of trouble with midi yoke

I have window XP home edition.  I'm trying to download midi yoke but when i follow the instructions to download it, i cannot even get through step one. I go to control panel, go to performance and maintenence, then to system, then to hardware.  When I get to hardware, it says to press something called add hardware wizard.  This button isn't there, it has device manager where the add hardware wizard is supposed to be.  The screen looks exactly the same as the one on the website, just without this add hardware wizard.

I'm very new to midi and have VDL2 and Sibelius 4 working but this is my only problem.

The other website doesn't work or something because it says it cannot find the site when i try to download the maple midi tools.
Try just running the MIDI Yoke installer (rather than going through their installation tutorial). Once it's complete, you should see MIDI Yoke NT 1 (and NT 2, 3, 4, etc) in your listing of midi devices in VDL2 and Sibelius.
Hate to say it, but the page says to ignore all the installation instructions if you are going to use the .msi file.  That's probably your misstep.  It's a whole lot easier these days with that installer.
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