VDL 2 and GVOX Encore Help!!

Can anyone please tell me how to get VDL2 and Encore 4.5 to work with each other?
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I'm not familiar with Encore, but if you can send midi OUT of Encore to an external device (which I presume you can), then be sure you're doing so by way of a ";virtual midi cable"; software driver such as MIDI Yoke (Windows), or the IAC Driver (for Mac). The concept of Virtual Midi Cables is discussed on page 18 of your VDL2 user guide. There's also a sort of illustrated diagram of how this is configured [b][url=https://www.tapspace.com/vdl2/tutorials/VDL2notationsetup.swf]here[/url].[/b]

I also don't know what Encore's percussion mapping capabilities are. You should consult with the manufacturers of that software for that. Percussion mapping is important in that it will allow you to play several octaves worth of specific, non-pitched percussion sounds by entering them on exact midi pitches, but will display them as percussion notation. Basically a way to marry the ";look"; of drum notation with the ";sound"; of many individual sounds that are available in each VDL2 instrument. If Encore supports this type of mapping, you'll have to create your own maps to correspond with each VDL2 instrument. We only offer templates for Finale and Sibelius.

From what I can tell, Encore isn't very common these days. If you are ever interested in switching to a more mainstream program like Sibelius, they offer a great deal for registered Encore users. It's the ";competitive upgrade"; edition. Only $149 for a program that lists for $600. Not a bad deal. More info here:

When all else fails, be sure to be patient and read the documentation for ALL your programs so you thoroughly understand them. You can also do searches on forums to learn much more.
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