Snare Drum Brushes


I'm working on some drum set stuff in VD2 for a jazz piece.  For a slow, bluesy type-thing, is there any way to get a brush sound on the set's snare drum/cymbal hits?  I've looked around the set patches as well as the individual snare & cymbal patches, and can't find anything...I'm using VD2 with Sibelius 3 if that matters to anyone.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

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Hi Brian,

There aren't currently any options for drumset brushes in VDL2. If you've ever spent any time looking at dedicated drumset libraries, you'll already know how huge and detailed they can be. The VDL2 drumset is very raw and basic. If this is crucial for you, I might suggest you look into some dedicated drumset libraries, or check out the new Garritan Jazz and Big Band library which has some nice combo brush style sounds, or if you use Kontakt, you could load the soundfont or giga version of the Sonic Implants drums. They have a downloadable segment of this library with brushes only:
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