"Cop Drama" - demo in the works

Just for kicks...

This isn't done yet, but I thought I'd share an excerpt of a project I've been working on for an indoor concert percussion ensemble. It's an original piece that should conjur up images from kitschy crime drama series. All percussion instruments are from VDL2. Rhythm section instruments are from various other sources. There are lots of nasty balance and timing issues in the mix, but it's a start.

Check it out [url=http://www.jimcasella.com/foster/COP_DRAMA.mp3]here.[/url]
Very hip Jim!

I especially like the organ gliss.  It screams for a tom run ala Hawaii 5-0.

[b]NICE WORK, JIM!![/b]�� :)�� I especially like the slower jazz section.�� Also - best use of the Flexatone...[u]EVER[/u].�� ;)
Pretty cool because it shows what more you can do with the aux. sounds.

Seriously though, Nice job.  Can't wait to hear the finished product.
Please tell me that is a piece that will some day be for sale on this site.
Thanks guys. :)
amazing stuff- so much detail!
[quote author=drumcorpbc link=topic=957.msg3889#msg3889 date=1137046442]
Please tell me that is a piece that will some day be for sale on this site.


I've completed a new version [b][url=http://www.jimcasella.com/foster/COP_DRAMA.mp3]here.[/url][/b]

Link in the original post has been edited as well.

This is awesome. I can see myself sitting in front of the TV as a young boy watch S.W.A.T.

Sorry about giving clues to my age!!! LOL
Wow, just wow!�� Not often a piece of music makes you feel like you are right there.�� Well done!

Am I crazy, or does anyone else hear finger snaps on 2 and 4 around 3:20.�� I'm not critiqueing by any means, maybe the music just puts me in there too much that I'm hearing things.�� I think its the closing of the HH.  Anyways, I thought it was a tasty touch.

Thanks Dave! I appreciate the kind words.
I think what you were hearing there was a wood guiro beneath the hi-hat. It's very light, and just slightly reinforcing the back beat when the HH closes. Finger snaps would have been great though. This was one of those projects where I was trying to keep all percussion sounds exclusive to VDL2. I guess we'll have to add finger snaps to the next version. :)
VERY hip man!!!

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