Sibelius 4.0 Update

I don't know if anyone has posted this yet but Sibelius has posted an update to Version 4. This update will bring you up to version 4.1.0. You can get it by slecting Help and Check for Updates or go to the following site:

This will also give you details on what the update covers.

One tip for Windows users is to download first then Reboot your system in Safe Mode to install the Update. When in normal mode it may stop responding loading the fonts.


Safe mode?  You should never have to install in safe mode.  I've done it 50 times, and never had such a problem.
It's most likey due to the fact that I'm testing new Firewall and Anti-Virus software. Also in safe mode it eliminates other software that may effect the install.
99.9% of users won't run into such an issue.
This update looks great! (on paper :)

A couple of big fixes that I've been looking forward to:
[quote] New Play checkbox in the Playback panel of Properties allows the user to choose whether a one-note tremolo or ���z on stem�۝ (buzz roll) should play back.[/quote]
[quote] Sibelius will no longer crash if the user makes any changes in Audio MIDI Setup while the program is running, and with certain MIDI devices (e.g. those manufactured by Edirol) attached to their computer (Mac only)
[/quote] (this was an issue with VDLMidi and lots of other MIDI apps I've tried)

Their other improvements regarding MIDI look useful as well, but I'll have to try them out first...
Losing the Z tremolo was hard fought for, but in the end, they finally changed it so it would work with Sibelius GPO.  You can turn off any tremolo now.  Unfortunately there's no global thing to do it, so for Z's, you'll have to manually turn off the tremolo in the properties window.
I agree - the ability to turn off tremolos (any slashes as well as the 'z') is wonderful. It's great for suspended cymbal rolls, timpani rolls, etc.
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