Some bad looping

Hey folks!

Just got a new laptop..installed VD2 with Finale2006 and I'm trying it out but I'm having a lot of trouble playing back a single line marimba part!  I've double checked everything as far as settings and channels and all but it still keeps looping.  Anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?

Thanks for any info you might have


Hi Mark. Can you elaborate just a bit? What do you mean exactly when you say ";looping?";

If you're using VDL2 with Finale 2006, the best way is to completely bypass the virtual midi cable method altogether, and instead ";host"; VDL2 as a VST (windows) or AU (mac) plugin. Perhaps you're already tuned into this, but I figured it should be mentioned.

Have you installed the latest maintenance update of Finale 2006? Version ";C"; is currently their latest.
What kind of audio drivers are you using on your notebook? ASIO drivers work the best by far.
Hey Jim thanks for replying...

My Finale was getting stuck and VDL2 would continue to play the notes written even after I pressed Stop on Finale.  It was kinda strange.  Anyway, I started to view a few posts and I found something similar to what was happening to me...It suggested to place midiyoke to 5 and it worked!

Anyone know why midiyoke5 works and midiyoke1 messes up?

Thank anyway Jim! 

Can't wait to see the Cavies rock the house!!
It doesn't really have anything to do with Midi Yoke 5. It's probably that you had both your Finale INput and OUTput set to the same device. Typically the INput should be that of your midi keyboard. The OUTput is MidiYoke.

Then in VDL2, it's INput would be the same as Finale's OUTput (in this case, midiyoke1, 5, or whatever it's set to).

Anway, glad it's working for you now!
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