Controlling playback volume in Sebelius 4

I'm using OS X, VDL2, and Sebelius 4.  (After 15+ years of Finale, I just switched to Sebelius. I love it!)

Everything seems to work great, sounds are playing back correctly, etc.
However, shouldn't I be able to adjust the VDL2 playback volume with the mixer in Sebeliius?  I can press Solo or Mute, and it works on any voices, including VDL2.  I can adjust the volume level sliders on the metromome or built in/Kontakt voices.  But when I try to adjust the sliders on the VDL2 voices, nothing happens.

I just got Sebelius 4 and VDL2 last week, so perhaps I'm missing something?

thanks for your help.
Kevin Baggott
Augusta, GA
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Thanks for your reply... and yes, this topic should have been in ";Technical Stuff";.  : )
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A few things...

First, welcome, Kevin.  :)

Second, glad you switched.  You got the Finale monkey off your back.  It's worse when you have to do something in Finale after you've worked in Sibelius a while.  ";What tool?  Where?";

Third, the amplitude of VDL2 is controlled by three factors:
*overall speaker volume / sound card level
*midi velocity of note-event
*volume setting on the Kontakt Player

Sibelius will respect dynamic markings, as well as accents and marcatos, but that adjusts the velocity.  The other two factors, speaker volume on your sound card and the volume knob of each instrument in KPlayer aside, velocity is a midi command essentially saying how hard to ";strike"; the drum.  Samples in VDL2 are recorded accordingly, with the highest velocities being naturally loud, and vice versa.

The mixer in Sibelius only effects Sibelius instruments.  The solo and mute buttons interrupt midi messages, while the runner for the volume within the Sibelius mixer is tied to volume like a ";knob"; is; it controls audio output irrespective of velocity.  So the runner for your flute part works the same as the volume dial on VDL2.

Finally, respectfully, this topic should have been in ";Technical Stuff";, or maybe ";General Discussion";.  An admin may move this, so don't be surprised.  No biggie.

Glad you made it over to the sane side.  :)
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