VD1 problems

Hi, I'm having trouble getting my VD1 to work, I loaded the sound fonts im my sound font bank manager, I have a soundblaster, but I am having trouble in sibelius 3. 
When I go to devices, I click find new devices and click on my midi device but the virtual drumline menu is not there.  I even put the VD.txt file in the Sibelius sound folder.  I am at a lost, If you could give me some direction, it would be much appreciated.  Mahalo.

Follow the instructions, step by step, of using the VDL1 template.  Odds are that will solve it.  If you're still having problems, come back here, and give us the step-by-step.  Remember, we can't see what you've done so far, so be sure to mention your steps.

The .txt file you're referring to is called a ";sound set"; in Sibelius. They are only compatible with Sibelius 2 (which was their current version when VDL1 was released). Sibelius 3 introduced a new format of sound sets which use the .set extension. You can download a Sibelius 3 formatted template, as well as updated soundsets for Sib 3 at this location (scroll down to the section which says SIBELIUS USERS)

If you've loaded VDL1 into BANK 001 of your Soundblaster card, be sure to use the one that says ";Virtual Drumline (in bank 1 of soundblaster card)";
Thanks alot for all of your help, I added those sound sets and It all works now!  This is the greatest thing ever invented.  Much mahalo from Hawaii.  Aloha.

Aloha from rainy Portland. :)

Glad to hear you're all up and running now. Thanks for letting us know!
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