Dynamic issues on playback

for some reason after a certain point (after 3 bars of rest) the snare playback became much softer.  It's really hard to hear because everything else is normal.  However, before the bars of rests it is fine.  Any ideas?  I tried to change dynamics and see if there were any prior to it, but it just did it randomly.  thanks
What did the Velocity gutter indicate?  Was there a change?
don't know what a velocity gutter is... i guess this is the problem.
wait i found it.  I think the problem at hand is that i've been just entering them without the midi keyboard because it just all of sudden decided to just input rests instead of notes.  so if you know how to fix THAT... then we need not discuss this any longer... friend.
Can't help you there...  maybe a Finale guru can help.  I'm a Sibelius expert, not that other legacy thing.  :)
You really should use some form of MIDI input device. I'm amazed that anyone would want to enter notation by pointing and clicking with a mouse. Especially when working with mapped percussion instruments. By the way, this topic is covered in the VDL2 FAQ which I recommend you read if you haven't already.

A MIDI keyboard is the most conventional form of input device, and you can get them at very reasonable prices these days.

If you are a Mac OSX user, you can use VDLmidi, which is a great program created by fellow forum member, Corey Peterson. It's available from a variety of download sites such as this one:

If you are a Windows user (it helps if you tell us these things in your initial post) there's an on-screen, floating keyboard by Bome:

Using one of these software solutions, there's certainly more pointing and clicking than without, however they are an alternative.
BTW - in Finale's ";speedy"; menu (available when speedy entry tool is selected), make sure ";use midi device for input"; is selected (assuming you are using a MIDI device...which you should be). :)

If it's checked, and you AREN'T using an input device, that may cause rests to appear rather than notes.
Ok see i was doing all of that including using an external midi keyboard... but i'll give this Bome's one a try.  Do I just make the Bome's midi be the midi input?
Use a virtual midi cable (Midi Yoke). Set it as the Midi-OUT in Bome, and the Midi-IN for Finale.
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