OT: Music for one apartment and six drummers

Man, I am really digging the bathroom jam session.  That is some pimp stuff. 
[font=Arial][glow=black,2,300][color=Blue]Thats pretty tight! Is that one of the stomp casts? [/color] [/glow][/font]
[b]This is really Cool!!![/b]

Has anyone out there heard of the Yes/No People? They are the group that started the STOMP type performance groups of today.

The Creator of STOMP was part of this group and the did an HBO Special in 1977 called Mondo Beyondo. This speical featured Bette Midler as the host of a TV show that featured Avante Guard performance acts. The Segment I'm refering to included the Yes/No People, the Cadets and the Sunrisers. I was in the Sunrisers Snareline at the time and recorded and filmed with them for 3 days. What an awesome time. If I can I will try and post the Video some where for you all to check out.

Oh boy -- can't wait for BD to mic a hard-boiled egg slicer...

I also predict that this will be the first season in DCI that a squeak toy is used...
Chazg - that would be awesome if you could find a clip to post. I actually have a (very grainy) video of this from way back in the day. I recorded it directly off HBO when it first aired (I think it was in the 80's sometime). It's awesome! Cool to know you were in that.
Nice Caddy spot, BTW. 
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Nice Caddy spot, BTW. 
Thanks! I was flying home from a Cavaliers camp, so I missed it. The Super Bowl ran late so my Tivo didn't pick up the post-game show. Did they show the 60-second version? Were you listening in surround? I'll try to post a clip when I have the final version.
I came running down the stairs when I heard it...  I think it was the 60, but it was mos def pregame, by a lot.
In case you missed the commercials...


This video ROCKS!!!
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